For quite some time, real estate has become a prominent investment. While many people simply opt to buy a home and reside in it as it grows in value, some people engage in house flipping. These people look for properties that require repairs or are outmoded, which they can buy for a good price. After they have bought the house, they conduct repairs and maintenance as well as updates before promoting it. If done properly, this results in a profit which could then be utilized to flip more properties.

So what are the requirements in order to become a successful Baltimore hard money lender? Here are some things that you should keep in mind:

• Understand everything especially the costs involved. To succeed in house flipping, you have to be capable of making a profit. It is vital that you fully understand the prices of homes in the area according to size, features as well as location. In addition, you have to know the cost of most common repairs and renovation projects, as you will have to take these into account when deciding whether a flip can turn a profit.

• Obtain financing to start your house flipping business. Establishing a house-flipping business can be expensive depending on the cost of the first home you choose to flip. You’ll want to get a loan for the property you purchase along with having sufficient money for the essential repairs. Many loan companies would not provide loans to individuals buying a home as a business investment instead of their residence, so you might need to look for several lenders before you could find one which will provide you the loan.

Locate a home to flip. After you have secured the funds for the home and renovation, you can now look for a house to flip. Look for a property which has potential to sell for an increased cost if aesthetic changes are made, after which compare the price of the property plus the maintenance to the price you are planning to flip it in the end.

• Have the proper permits and licenses. Several states and local governing bodies call for house-flipping businesses to be registered since they’re accountable for construction in homes comparable to a general contractor. Although these licenses are not always necessary, you have to obtain building and construction permits before you start working on properties that you’re selling.

The people behind Craig Scott Capital possess the level of experience and expertise that empowers businesses and individual investors reach the peak of financial growth. With one common vision in mind, team members of the leading broker-dealer company founded the organization for the success of their client investors as they make wiser and more educated investment decisions directed to financial growth. Each of the major individuals behind the company’s operational structure carry with them the correct perspective and strong determination to impart the best of what they can give for the company.

1. Craig Scott Taddonio

Being the founder, founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Craig Scott Capital, Mr. Taddonio leads the company to greater heights of success by combining business management experience and financial knowledge for a more goal-oriented business process. One of the key characteristics that make him a promising business leader is his ability to create a healthy culture of work inside the firm, while continuously build fostering client relationship. With a family oriented attitude, Mr. Taddonio utilizes this to better anchor Craig Scott Capital to stronger foundation, by knowing how to support and guide clients to realize their dreams of investment growth.

2. Brent M. Porges

As Craig Scott Capital’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, the company expects nothing less from Mr. Porges’ ability to efficiently monitor business operations. With a bigger perspective for the firm, he continuously seeks for effective strategies that will catapult the firm to success in its future undertakings. As the head of operations, Mr. Porges enriches the skills and level of experience possessed by their employees to further impact the firm in a positive result. He initiates trainings and mentoring activities with his knowledge in workforce management particularly in operations management and technology. Aside from the HR aspect, he also oversees the recruitment operation for brokers that are inducted into the company.

3. Joseph Gentile

Given the job of Chief Compliance Officer, Mr. Gentile ensures that supervisory procedures and compliance infrastructure for Craig Scott Capital is well-implemented deep within the core areas of the firm’s business operations. He is responsible for employing both controls and procedures in the internal and financial aspects of the company’s operational structure. With more than 30 years of continuous buildup of expertise and experience in the fields of finance, capital market management, compliance and business operations, Mr. Gentile is undoubtedly a valuable asset to Craig Scott Capital’s team of prime leaders.

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Typically, getting cash to fund your business endeavors has been anything but hassle-free and painless. For a small business to acquire the right amount of funding, there are two ways to do it. First, one can go to the bank and secure a loan. Second, the owner can take out a business credit card or he can extend the line of credit of the business. While both of these options are certainly viable, not all business owners have a long-standing business or a solid credit card history. It is a good thing that there is another choice that small business owners can turn to – a merchant cash advance.

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So why should a new or small business resort to obtaining Merchant Advance Express cash advances? Here are the four reasons why:

New & Small Business Friendly

New and small businesses are unable to acquire loans the traditional way because of stringent requirements and restrictions. A merchant cash advance provider however, doesn’t have such high requirements and restrictions. For example, a merchant cash advance provider does not require the client to provide a collateral or personal guarantee. This is simply can’t be said when it comes to banks that provide business loans.

Credit Record is Not A Problem

Acquiring a loan the traditional way on bad credit is next to impossible without accepting an absurdly high interest rate. Even with poor credit standing, a merchant cash advance provider will not deny you on sight. As long as it is determined that your business is generating sales, you have a good chance of being approved.

Fast Approvals and Cash Turnaround

Since there are no loads of paperwork to deal with, the client’s application can be approved in more than a day. With a traditional loan, it can take up to 90 days before approval. Once approved, the cash is then deposited or wired to your account in about one to three days.

Revenue Based Payments

Unlike your traditional loan, there are no monthly payments in order to pay back the Merchant Advance Express cash advances. The payment is in the form of a mutually-agreed percentage which will be deducted on the business’ sales. So if your business is doing rather well, then you will be able to pay off the debt in no time. On the other hand, if your business is not doing that good, only a small amount will be deducted for payment.

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PhentermineJust like other kinds of products, weight loss brands come and go. Successful brands stay, while others have to go because they didn’t snag the interest and trust of the consumers. With the myriad of fitness supplements nowadays, it is a bit challenging for those who want to lose weight, to choose a product that will suit their needs.

Which Brand to Choose

All weight loss brands say that they are the best. All of them say that they are efficient. All of them claim they can boost the weight loss efforts of dieters. As a result, many consumers are asking, which among the weight loss supplements that are in the World Wide Web tell the truth?

And then there goes another weight loss supplement, and as a matter of fact, it managed to capture the interest of several dieters. Phentarmine is also among the Phentermine-based weight loss products. It has been in the market for quite some time, and it managed to establish a strong fan base. Phentarmine rings the bell of those who are looking forward to cut off excess weight immediately.

Pharmaceutical Graded Phentermine-Based Supplement

Based on a Phen Pill Store review, Phentarmine is also a pharmaceutical graded Phentermine-based supplement. It boasts strong combination of very potent components. One great thing about the ingredients of Phentarmine is the fact that they can be easily absorbed by the body.

One Phen Pill Store review said that this is a perfect diet supplement for those who are looking for supplements that can make them feel full for hours. Suffice to say, Phentarmine can eliminate the bad habit of eating too much in a single sitting.

Aside from the fact that it curbs the hunger of the user, same with other legit Phentermine-based products, Phentarmine can as well stimulate the process of Thermogenesis. Through this process, the body can efficiently breakdown the fat cells, lower the sugar levels, enhance the stream of blood, augment the metabolism process, decrease the stress levels, as well as heighten the energy levels.

The ingredients that are used in developing Phentarmine are natural and indeed safe. Dieters don’t need to ask for a prescription to be able to buy Phentarmine. Because of its advanced formulation, dieters can assure quick results. Among the magnificent ingredients of Phentarmine are

  • Synephrine HCL
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • L-Taurine
  • 7-Keto or DHEA
  • Theobromine

Unlike the other weight loss supplements in the market, Phentarmine doesn’t have Hoodia.

Survey questionnaireThe workforce is perhaps one of the most valuable assets of a company. More than the million-dollar worth of facility and equipment, there can never be a completely operational business without people to man it. If you think employees are expendable assets of business that can be easily replaced, then you certainly got the wrong idea. Skills and expertise are learned in school and developed after a number of years. If you try to pull out the figures, you would certainly be amazed how indispensable employees are for the business.

To justify the case, many companies implement employee development programs such as trainings, seminars and workshops not only to make them a better tool for business progress but also to let them know that they are cared for and valued highly by the company. Incentives schemes, bonuses and perks are just a symbol of how valuable employees are to their company. However, there are also times when employees get mistreated by their company just because they are undervalued and taken for granted. RainKing employee reviews, for example, can give insights to some of the common problems that employees wish to be taken action by the senior management.

    1. Favoritism is a key problem that is expressed out by most employees especially in the research department. While keeping in touch with sales and marketing people, senior management didn’t feel the same level of interest to the data research team. Incentives are also susceptible to manipulation and mostly those who are senior favorites get the reward.
    2. RainKing’s health insurance plan set out for its employees also came out as an important aspect in their review. Most employees look at insurance plans as a sign that they are working under the right management who also looks after its subordinates.
    3. Some employees complain about the unjust termination system that RainKing managers instill to the work environment. While others are kicked out from the job without getting proper explanation, there are some who remain stuck to the position even after getting caught struggling to meet deadlines. The level of consideration seemed just too random for some employees that it is quite unsure whether one can stay long or not in the company.
    4. RainKing employee reviews also talk about the abundance of job opportunities for fresh college graduates. Employees are also screened out according to age groups in order to solve the issue on cultural differences and incompatibility in the workplace.

How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type for Men… by winstondeloney

Occasionally it’s the simplest of matters which may cause you the most defeat. Whether it’s this one tie that simply can’t be knotted in the correct span or that button on your own cuff that simply won’t close, we all have instances when a molehill becomes a mountain.

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When wearing pants, socks and shoes, it is really hard to decide on what color goes with which. I used to be standing within my room wearing my new olive chinos, teamed having a blue Oxford shirt and navy shawl neck cardigan, and totally drew a blank on what sneakers to use. I hadn’t even got on to selecting a set of socks by the way!

The trouble I was having was that I needed to dress somewhat more traditional, due to where I was heading, therefore my goto mixture of fearless patterned socks and take down white dollars simply wouldn’t cut it. Oddly enough, the bright and imaginative side of fashion comes easier to me than the more refined, traditional components.

winston deloney best fashion tips Winston DeLoney’s Fashion Guide

Bearing this in your mind, I’ve made a decision to assemble a simple guide on the proper way to mix and match your sneakers, socks and pants for all those occasions where you must appear more classy.

Fashion Tips for Men:

This got me thinking about whether other people have this type of trouble too. It’s not simple than what you think ladies!


The typical rule you need to stick to here will be to ensure that your socks are the same color or darker than your pants. For instance, blue slacks = middle gray slacks and navy socks = charcoal socks.

What about trouser with stripes? Uncomplicated: choose the color of the less-dominant stripe.

There are a lot of people who are exchanging notes in the virtual world, particularly in different social networking sites, regarding their experiences with PhenObestin and PhenApex. The mentioned brands are among the most sought-after weight loss regimens in the market today. The majority of the comments about PhenObestin and PhenApex are positive.

Most of the users of PhenApex claimed that they lost weight after using this weight loss solution. Because of the efficiency of this product, many claim that it’s the best weight loss aids today, way better than the other natural regimens. Despite the fact that there are a lot of positive reviews about PhenObestin and PhenApex, there are still a lot of questions about these weight loss solutions.

Do they impose negative side effects? Are they excellent in burning excess body fat? Can they truly help people in their weight loss venture?

PhenObestin versus PhenApex: Knowing PhenObestin

Same with PhenApex, PhenObestin is also a pharmacy grade dietary solution and it is famous for its appetite suppressing properties. A product of Pharmaco Labs, this dietary supplement can also help in eradicating the consumed extra calories.

What are the ingredients of PhenObestin?

1. Phenlethylamine

This ingredient is famous for its stimulant effects. In several clinical lab tests, it has been proven that this ingredient can enhance not only the mood, but also the energy level.

2. Yohimbine HCL

It can enhance the blood circulation, as well as solve sexual dysfunctions and obesity.

3. Theobromine Anhydrous

Can be acquired from the cacao plants, this ingredient possesses potent appetite suppressants.

Knowing PhenApex

This weight loss supplement can serve as an aid for many weight loss enthusiasts, since it can simplify the dietary process.

What are the ingredients of PhenApex?

1. L-Phenylalanine

This is an amino acid that serves as an excellent appetite suppressant. It unleashes Cholecystokinin, an intestinal hormone, to signal the brain that the stomach is already full even though the dieter only ate couple of spoonfuls.

2. L-Carnitine

It can help in increasing the energy levels.

3. L-Taurine

This helps in the proper digestion of fats, and it absorbs the fat-soluble vitamins, as well as maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

4. Synephrine HCL

It can leverage the metabolic rate to burn the extra calories.

5. 7-Keto DHEA

It helps dieters achieve well-toned, fat-free body. It can as well help in maintaining proper hormonal levels.

PhenApex is made from 100% natural and safe ingredients and the top choice when it comes to Phentermine based supplements. PhenApex has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals by enhancing the metabolic rate, decreasing hunger between meals and help to burn off the excess calories faster.

winston deloney best fashion tips Investing in a plus-size garment isn’t a really difficult decision. Yet, many regularly end up purchasing the wrong type of garment for them. The area of confusion really originates from the innumerable options you have. Mainly girls go from the appearance of the clothes and also the defect of judgment fundamentally lies here. In haste and irresolution, the grade of the material isn’t researched and eventually, money is squandered.


Winston DeLoney believes that the very first thing to think is the use of whatever clothing you’ll buy. Is it some sort of daily clothing or can it be for occasional purposes? For daily clothing, cotton is your best option. For occasional clothing, silk blouses are almost always of the best choice. Yet, in case you are limited in budget, then you definitely can go for your version of silk-like satin and chiffon.

Yet another thing to think about while buying plus size clothes is the type of figure you have. If you’re trying to find comfort, design needs to be given a little bit.

Honor Spring/Summer 2014 Show | New York Fashion Week NYFW | FashionTV

Body Contour

Silk is only one substance that snugly and easily ties in any kind of body. Long silk blouses can simply conceal the not so perfect parts of the body and pull design and comfort all at once. The magnificent feel of the garment is definitely a symbol of style and whether you use it free or tight, it really doesn’t matter.

Sports_Racquetball2_2Practice as if you are the worst; perform as if you’re the greatest.” Most gamers avoid or don’t have the time for solo racquetball training. They simply want to play. Because they never reach focus on enhancing their present abilities or incorporating new types, so they never get any benefit.

But, all of us, just like Winston DeLoney, wants to train to improve our weaknesses. Yet, when we perform against somebody, we constantly play in a conservative way which strives to optimize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses, ie, we perform to win and never to enhance our game.

One way to both practice and play is to use tactical games. You can play these games against an opponent, with or without their knowledge. Or, you can both play a tactical game against each other. Tactical games typically restrict the type of shots that you can hit during a rally. You can also decide to limit the types of serves you can use during the game. So here are Winston DeLony different tactical games that need concentration but can also be a lot of fun.

Ceiling Ball Game

This is a common tactical sport which players use to warm-up. Play one-game to 11 pts. Other lob functions to the forehand and back-hand sides. Through the rally, the ceiling must be hit by the ball on each shot. Should you skip the ceiling, you drop the idea. Even forcefully hit ceiling balls which come off the back-wall has to be came back to the ceiling.

Down the Line Game

In this sport, you should return every ball farther down the line as limited to the wall as feasible. These are able to be kill pictures, passing pictures, or ceiling balls, yet they all should be hit down the line. Usually, only effort a kill shot in case your competition is behind you and you’re able to hit the ball at knee level or under. Splat and collar shots aren’t allowed.

Passing Game

This game operates in your capability to learn wherever your competitor is to the tribunal, and after that, play the proper shot. So in the passing play, when the ball is waist high or underneath, and also your competition is before you, then you got to hit a cross-court pass, or a wide angle pass. If you’re in front of your competition, you should hit a down the line passing shot. Any ball above waist-height is hit to the ceiling. No eliminate shots.

Play Racquetball – Rules for Beginners by… by winstondeloney

3/4 Courtroom Game

This can be excellent practice game because it lets you hit down the line passing pictures, kills, and ceiling balls. Plus, if you’re in front of your competitor, you’re able to hit emergency shots and fall shots. Yet, in the event you hit your emergency shot, or splat shot also high, it is going to result in the out of bounds 1/4 court.

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Get a roll of 1 1/2 broad reddish coloured masking tape. Make use of the tape to perform a dividing line at the center of the tribunal in the service line to the back-wall.

Both gamers must play this sport together. You are able to function to only one phase of the court for your game. The tape splits the rear half the tribunal into two components. 1 side is playable while another side has gone out-of-bounds. So 3/4 of the court surface can be acquired to play. Any ball that hits the 1/4 rear court flooring in the 2nd rebound is out.

mark johnson sec event planning ideasIf you are thinking about observing your event reception in a resort, function hall or another leased space then you must consider hiring a SEC (Special Events Consultant) like Mark Johnson.

Rates of SEC (Special Events Consultant)

Most expert celebration-occasion planners costs range between 10% to 20% of the overall expense of case. Yet, for those who did a good deal of pre-planning work, you may have the ability to negotiate a fixed fee rather than a percentage. This would probably save you cash. The occasion -celebration coordinators fees cover-all the direction, coordination, conferences, as well as supervising of the contracts with sellers.

 Tips for event planning:



There is a secret most individuals aren’t conscious that lots of professional function planners receive money another booking percent from the resort and lots of times from the sellers they work with all the time. This is the place where you are able to cut costs when negotiating having a specialist occasion-bash coordinator. You should request the cost after deducting the booking charge or another name it may be called in your area function as cost you including your loved ones consent to.


Everything depends when the professional coordinator you want to hire. You will profit if this is actually the situation and also in the general picture, you’ll save money hiring a SEC (Special Events Consultant) like Mark Johnson.

The more pre-planning you do along with your family even before hiring a professional coordinator will determine the particular price you’ll wind up having to cover the occasion-bash coordinator. You might be purchasing their time for the solutions they’re going to perform.

A specialist party coordinator like Mark Johnson SEC simply has their good reputation they could sell. Thus, it’s quite essential for them to insure your event goes off totally with out any issues.

Advantages of Hiring an Event Planner

There are lots of advantages if you use a great professional party coordinator. Though the very top of the list advantages is that the coordinator focus would be to prevent errors from occuring at your party. 1 of the most significant duties of a specialist coordinator is to prevent horror tales we’ve all heard around from happening that don’t look comical at the period of the party.

How to add an elegant touch to your buffet table

In a huge celebration, a small error can end-up costing more compared to the fees of a coordinator. For those who have hired a celebration coordinator to do all of the work, you can simply settle back and revel in.

When negotiating, having a specialist coordinator and you sense the cost is excessive, request them how much they would cost if you did some of the preliminary function yourself. They will figure out the approximate amount of hours they should spend on your occasion and interpret that into just how much they should charge a fee for the specialist services they’ll give to provide for your party in order because of it to become superb.

The standard is for expert party coordinators to need a deposit in advance. Subsequently, they are going to request two equal payments through the preparation procedure. A final payment will be expected by them only after the occasion.

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